DIY: Paperclip Hangers

December 17, 2016

Since one year ago, I have always had a space near my desk where I hang all my favorite pictures, whether it's polaroids or pictures of inspiring quotes. As time has gone by, I have added many new things and I like to think of it as my personalized "inspiration board." Thus, I decided to share this very cool DIY (Do It Yourself) for anyone to do, making your space super unique and creative!

As you can see, I have hung a couple Tumblr photos that I have found online and used a hanger to do so. If you are reading this by now, you would have read the title and noticed that they are made out of paperclips, if you are interested in understanding how I made them, continue reading!

First, I took the middle of the paper clip and stretched it out until I formed a shape that looks like a triangle.
Next, I took the piece facing down and curved it upwards, making it stand out of the triangle.
Lastly, I cut the piece sticking out to make it shorter and seem more like a hanger. Plus, I just flipped it over because I prefer the way it looks!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below! Plus, if you do recreate this please send them to me! xx

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