My New Year's Resolutions: 2017

December 26, 2016

As the new year approaches it is time for me to round up a list of personal goals for the upcoming year. Although, it isn't always possible to achieve them at times, it is always nice to check up on yourself and evaluate your actions. I believe that there is always room for self - improvement and it is never to late to start over. If you aren't happy with yesterday, try something different today.

Well, here are my resolutions!

Sleep Earlier - Alright, I admit it... I am very guilty for sleeping late every night. I dont know why but I feel like most of my ideas sprout during this time of day. Although, I should amend the times I go to sleep, I believe it is fair for my body that I sleep a tad earlier.

Reduce Procrastination - In my case, I have a very bad tendency to procrastinate. There would be times that I spend hours and hours doing nothing, eventually avoiding all costs to finish my assignments. However, I always get it done but end up stressing at the last minute!

Get in Shape - Being petite, doesn't mean I am fit haha. This might sound very ironic but it's funny because I actually have a gym that I can access 24/7 however, I barely go. This new year I'm hoping to exercise enough so I could be fit and at least be healthier for my body.

Read More Books - Growing up I have never had the habit of picking a book in my own time, however, I have read many literature books throughout my years in school. I am hoping this year I will buy books that would fascinate me so I can read at home and gain as much knowledge and writing skills from doing so.

Keep a Journal - I have always had this in the back of my mind but I have never actually put the effort to do so. Personally, I believe it would be very cool to keep a journal so I can record my day-to- day experiences thus I can read it in the future.

Display Maximum Effort - I am hoping to begin a new year by putting maximum effort in everything I do. Although as human beings many of us forget to do so, I hope that one day I could apply it to everything I pursue in the future.

Be Happy - For whatever may come my way, I hope to have an amazing year full of joy and happiness. I will try my best to make everything the best that I can make it and hopefully have a swift  year too.

What do you wish for this upcoming year? Happy New Years! xx

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