5 Goals For a Clutter-Free 2017

January 14, 2017

As it is the beginning of January, many of us have created resolutions that we would like to achieve. However, as the new year continues a lot of our ideas vanish and are most likely being forgotten. Therefore, it is best to start organizing your life as soon as possible - today. The holidays has just passed and it is the perfect time to start packing your holiday decorations and achieving your goals for a more organized year.

Throw Away Old Things - This is a crucial component to becoming organized in life, many people disregard this due to the countless hours of work it may take. However, if you look beyond that you will only see positive opportunities and benefits ahead! :)

Organize your Closets - If you are like me, some days I would be ransacking my closet just to find the perfect pair of leggings! It is honestly so hard to find anything unless you take time to decide how you will clean and put together your closet in an organized manner.  Make sure everything is accessible too ;)

Follow a To Do List Even though you might be the kind who agrees that they can memorize everything you need to do in one day, there are so many benefits to writing your assignments/chores down. This way you can prioritize your tasks and get your things done efficiently. 

Invest in Organizers - I highly suggest purchasing certain organizers whether they are plastic trays or dividers. This way it will always be easy to tidy up your space and you could divide your things into different categories/uses.

Keep up with a Calendar - I love this one especially because there are so many useful and gorgeous ones you can find online. When using a calendar you can benefit by having a full picture and plan of your month ahead. Click here for a minimal printable calendar for this year!

How are you planning to Stay Clutter - Free? xx

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