Desk Decor: Cute Ways to Accessorize Your Space

January 01, 2017

Every once in a while, I always think of new ways to organize and accessorize my desk. Personally, I love all things stationary and I get really excited when I purchase new things. Eek! As for office space, I love the idea of displaying cute and versatile things to personalize any work space for an aesthetically pleasing area to study/work.

Over time, I have always had the tendency to change and add new things to my desk whether it being new tape dispensers or a new coordination of where my things are placed. Here are my ideas of how you can decorate your office too!

  • Add Greenery: Its always nice to add some natural components to your space, it can create a peaceful environment and it has scientifically been proven to benefit you by reducing stress and etc. Personally, I keep a mini plant on my desk and if you are interested you can click here to check it out! (I bought it in Hong Kong, although they do have a website with all their info)
  • Trinkets: This can range to any type style you prefer, besides it's your space! Whether it may be  a mini Eiffel Tower or my kokeshi (Japanese) dolls, I personally use them to remind me of my travels and my inspirations in life. Use anything that would make you happy!
  • Candles: Lighting up a candle is a great way to feel relaxed while working, especially indulging in your favorite scents. Plus, what's not to love about cute and preppy packaging about a candle? It's a win-win!
  • Notebooks/Planner: Rather than having a bunch of papers cluttering your space, pick your favorite notebook/planner and keep it at the side of your desk. This way it would be practical and accessible to pick up what you want with ease and keep your area organized!
  • Light/Lamp: I personally love this since it's super feasible, allowing you to make more light for when you are studying late at night hehe. Besides, who doesn't like having a bright area to study? <3

What ways do you accessorize your desk? I hope you found these tips useful! xx

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