The Arrival of Spring + Plans for Spring Break!

April 14, 2017

 Spring has finally arrived - my favorite season! Flowers start blooming, the sun starts shining and the environment is bright and happier. *imagine birds chirping in the background* Isn't it peaceful?

Not only that, but... I'm on spring break! Although, I didn't have anything planned this time, I honestly enjoy sitting home and relaxing. This is the time for me to study and play games at home all day! I know everyone is different and might not agree with me but sometimes I feel like I need to do absolutely nothing!

In the past couple weeks, I have been super overwhelmed with everything I have been assigned to do and I had this HUGE urge to just click the "pause" button in my life. Time was going way too fast and I didn't even have time to process everything that was happening to me. Trust me - you would never want to feel the way I did.

Nevertheless, I have a few more days to myself to do what I want. The world is ours to take - lets make the most out of it! My task for anyone reading this at the moment is to do something that makes  you happy whether its walking your dog or going to an amusement park - do something that you enjoy in the next couple days. Breath, sit back, and relax - even if its for a minute!

What have you planned this spring? xx

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