I Can't Stop Thinking About This Quote

May 16, 2017

The other day, I was searching through Quora and as I was reading random questions, I happened to stumble upon this:

What was something that someone said or did that has changed you forever?" 

Furthermore, as I was reading the comments that is when I saw this quote:

"Next year, you'll wish you
had started today."

Immediately, I stopped and thought long and hard... I wish I saw this quote earlier.

I have never mentioned this story to anyone, but a couple years ago when I was in the sixth grade (quite early) I truly wanted to start a domain for myself and I always knew I wanted it... however, I was too scared to tell anyone and always left that thought in the corner of my mind.

Looking back, it might not have worked, especially since I had a 12 year old mindset, however, I wish I started when I wanted to. This way, I could have grown to have experience over time and learn from my mistakes. Even if no one was to ever read or watch any of my work, I would still receive the satisfaction that I wanted.

Even though I say this, I finally had the guts in 9th grade to start my own blog. No, it is not the same as this one but I did create one before this. I could remember being so happy when I launched, I was jumping up and down and showing my mom every thing that I have made. However, as you might be wondering, what happened to that blog?

Well, after a couple months I didn't know what to do anymore. I felt like I was running out of ideas after publishing one blog post after another. It got to a point where I didn't mind missing one or two posts on my schedule, but as you can imagine, it started becoming a habit and it turned out to be acceptable to stop writing.

Although, you guys might be wondering why I shared this story about my old blog, it goes to show that even though it didn't work, I tried!

This is where another quote comes to mind: You are your worst enemy.

The lesson of this post is that no matter what you dream of, try and pursue it no matter what obstacles you have. As for me, I didn't have anyone stopping me from what I wanted and that's because I didn't even share my thoughts with anyone. I, myself, thought I didn't have the potential to try something new.

As a result, if you do try and make your dreams work TODAY, you never know what could happen in a year from now.

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  1. I recently read this quote on twitter and it really made me think! Definitely a quote to live by xx


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