Best 3 Motivational Reasons to Hit the Gym

June 03, 2017

As summer has almost started and students like I will be able to enjoy the next two months stress -free, I will have a lot of time in my hands to do the things I enjoy. For instance, it will be the perfect time to start exercising again as it has been over 6 months since I have been apart of the swim team in my school. As you may know, being in the swim team meant that I practiced everyday for 2 hours straight. Meaning, I ended being a lot stronger by the end and in great shape!

Furthermore, since I will start heading to the gym, here are a few reasons why you should too!

You Feel Better About Yourself - Personally, heading to the gym makes me feel inspired and motivated and I honestly feel like I am being productive and using my time wisely. Many might not realize it but besides the physical pain of working out - its actually quite fun. Sometimes I like to invite my friends over and we would have a blast in the gym - even if it means working out for 30 mins max.

One Word: Health - I believe it is super important to keep your health a priority. Although I am not saying that I go to the gym everyday, I do try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep track of my daily routines. I would love to start heading to the gym more often but as a high school student it remains challenging. 

Less Stress - Studies have proven that exercise can help reduce stress for anyone as it brings many benefits to the body. For instance, these activities can help increase alertness, and enhancing overall cognitive functions. In addition, as you exercise your body produces endorphins and in return may act as "painkillers" which can allow you to sleep easier and reduce stress.

Do you go to the gym? If not, how do you exercise? Leave them in the comments below! xx

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