Stationary Must Haves

June 08, 2017

As a 16 year old girl who loves organization and is slightly a perfectionist, I am utterly obsessed with stationary! I promise you, if you take me to a shop filled with them, I would probably die of happiness. haha.

In this post, the items I am showcasing today are my current stationary favorites regarding pens that I believe everyone should have. I'm not saying that you need to have over 30+ pens but if you are looking for new ones, I would definitely recommend these!

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens - Recently, a friend of mine gifted me a pack of them and honestly, I am so thankful! They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The quality and packaging are divine and I truly feel comfortable writing in them. This might sound weird but I believe it makes my handwriting look nicer as it glides super well on paper!

Papermate InkJoy Gel Pens - First of all, can we just stop and admire the packaging? I personally adore the designs of these pens as they are so cute! Plus, they are very smooth while writing and they glide nicely. Just keep in mind that these are a bit thick when you write, considering that their fine tips are 0.7.

Copic Markers - These are probably the most highest quality markers I have ever used in my life -yep, I said it. These pens are a little more on the pricy side but they definitely are for a reason. They are made almost like a brush that you can use to "paint" on your artworks. Personally, I really love drawing and these copics make them look fantastic. They come in all sizes & colors each individually used for different purposes. I couldn't stress even more how much these pens are truly outstanding and super high quality. :)

Anyone knows where the "Star Ferry Pier" sign is from? ;) Leave it in the comments!
What are your favorites? xx

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  1. I'm such a stationery hoarder!! I love buying new pits and pieces xx


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